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Training and Seminars

training 1Our task is to inspire the hearts, educate the minds and develop the skills of those who feel ready to take up the gauntlet to meet the challenges of effective Christian living, active Christian service, leadership and ministry in our multifaceted postmodern age. We trust that you will find the cutting edge training you need for your Christian life or ministry at GCI.

Free Bible School – While there are fees connected to most of our training programmes, due to the current global financial crisis, we are now offering a Free Bible School. To qualify for this, you need to be a pastor in the UK willing to host a local training centre and have an adequate number of students willing to enrol. Then we can offer training to your group completely free! Contact us for details, and terms and conditions.

Practical Theology Training – For Christians and ministers whose vision demands that they have some form of biblical or theological foundation, we offer a range of part-time Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Masters degrees with emphasis on practical Christian ministry. Our unique training has been specially designed within local training hubs to be accessible to all, regardless of which part of the UK you live in. Further details on request.

training 1Establishing Church-based Bible Schools – As pastors, you may be unaware of the potential that can be unleashed in your church when you establish your own church-based Bible school. We will custom-design the entire package and provide an integrated, biblically sound, Spirit anointed, life transforming curriculum for any church. Do let us know what training needs your church has, so we can arrange to discuss with you and set this in motion.

Online Courses – We offer unique online distance learning courses for those who live far from any of our training centres and wish to study from home. This is available to students and ministers in any part of the world. You will receive quality training material and resources, study in your own time and have constant online support from your tutors. With a combination of supported open learning and innovative programme material, you are guaranteed an exceptional learning experience. It is however essential that you have regular access to a computer.

Bible College/Educational Consultancy – For the purposes of improvement, Global Christian Institute offers an independent educational consultancy to churches already having existing Christian education programmes, in-house Bible college, ministry training, leadership course or other forms of training programmes for its members.

Christian Leadership Seminars – One of the best ways to launch a new season of strength, revival and inspiration in your church is to have a series of seminars for your leaders and workers. Our seminars which will be held at your own church and can cover any topic that you request.

Bespoke Church Seminars – Our practice is to design, develop and deliver tailor-made training to churches based on the expressed vision and needs communicated to us by the senior pastor or vision bearer.

training 2 Leadership Development – The objective of a leadership development programme for your church is to empower your team to individually discover and harness their lifetime of experiences and acquired skills into performance tools that will help your church to grow through mature leadership.

Itinerant Teaching Ministry – We are available to minister in any church context or to offer specific, structured and inspirational teaching on any area of Christianity from foundational Christian doctrines to advanced ministry principles. Whatever we teach will always be in line with the vision and ethos of the local church. Many of these will be Saturday seminars as organised by host churches.

Israel/ Holy Land Tours – Having led a number of exciting Bible tours to the Holy Land, Global Christian Institute organises Israel tours for interested church groups who want to ‘walk where Jesus walked’. These are always preceded by indepth overview teaching sessions about the Land of the Book and the People of the Land.

unsure imageUnsure of what you want? If you are unsure of exactly what you want or what type of training will best suit you, contact us and we will be happy to have a detailed conversation with you to offer appropriate guidance and answers.

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Modules Taught – Modules in our various courses include the following:

Certificate Diploma Master Class
  • Study Skills
  • Foundational Doctrines
  • The Dynamics of Faith
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Bible Survey
  • Christology
  • Pneumatology
  • Theology of Healing
  • Biblical Economics
  • Ecclesiology
  • Praise and Worship
  • Christian Family
  • Kingdom of the Cults
  • Comparative Religion
  • Eschatology
  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • 2000 Years of Church History
  • Foundations of Pentecostalism
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • Christian Pastoral Care
  • Homiletics
  • Principles of Pastoral Ministry
  • Hermeneutics
  • Evangelism & Missiology
  • Christian Ethics
  • The Covenants of God
  • Biblical Anthropology
  • Hamartiology
  • The Historical Books
  • The Doctrine of Salvation
  • The Book of Acts
  • Pastoral Counselling
  • Apologetics
  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts
  • Prophetic Ministry
  • Understanding the Tabernacle
  • Christian Leadership
  • Exploring African Theology
  • Advanced Theological Research Skills
  • Why Some Are Healed and Some Are Not
  • How to Discover, Develop and Deploy your Giftings
  • A Reflective Approach to Cross-Cultural Christian Leadership
  • Pastoral Theology in Diaspora Communities
  • Developing Advanced Ministry Counselling Praxis
  • A Closer Look at Prosperity Teaching
  • The Blood of Jesus and Pleading: An Investigation
  • The Enigma of Church Governments
  • Soul winning in an Age of British Secularisation
  • An Exposé on Religious Pluralism and Its Impact of Evangelism
  • The Dynamics of Church Planting
  • Developing the Ministry of Intercession
  • Practical Ministry Research Project

Graduation - On completion of your study programme at any of our centres, you will be honoured as you join with others in an exciting graduation ceremony. Your graduation is the culmination of all your hard work and time of study. It is also a day when you and your family and friends get together and celebrate your success.

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