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Partnering with Global Christian Institute

Prayer and/or Finances: Every heaven-sent vision needs ‘covenant partners’ for maximal impact. Those who wish to serve God in a wider context are encouraged to become a supportive part of our exciting vision. This can be done by becoming a Prayer Partner and/or Financial Partner. Global Christian Institute is seeking to raise at least 300 Prayer Partners who will commit a few moments each week to intercede for us and for the work.

At the same time we are aiming to raise monthly financial partner support (£20 per month is the recommended minimum) that will cover the ministry budget to support this vital end time vision committed to teaching, training and missional work in the Body of Christ. This will further enable us to support existing and future missions projects in the Global South. This includes supporting indigenous pastors in Zambia and Kenya, ministry to the poor in Africa, and primary schools in the rural areas of Elmina in Ghana.

How to Partner with Us: Those who wish to partner with us should ask for the separate information, ‘How to Partner with Us’. However you can start making donations right now.

Making a Payment for Training or Services

Students of GCI or anyone receiving a service from us such as ordination application or charity registration can make a payment through this page. You need to state clearly what the payment is for or communicate with us by email prior to making a payment.

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Application Fee
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Tuition Payments
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Services or Books
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