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Jubilee Publication & Book Sales

We offer a quality book publishing service to aspiring authors whether you are a teacher, preacher, pastor, professional, leader, health care practitioner or just a ‘writer’!

“Everyone has at least one book on the inside of them!”

You Write, We Publish!

We strongly believe that every one of you with more than ten years adult life experience has at least one book within you. This is because a book is rooted in three things:

training 1
  • (i) Your experiences in life by which you can share useful lessons with others.
  • (ii) Your training and experience in your professional field of work such as medical, church, financial, education, management or anything else
  • (iii) Your passion for others to be as excited as you are about certain things you deem to be important; for example, trying to help others to:
    • (a) understand how to manage their personal finances better
    • (b) appreciate the risks associated with certain health conditions or
    • (c) recognise that Christians need to be careful about certain aspects of their lifestyle.

training 1 You may have some sermons, teachings, lecture notes, research material, your completed dissertation, leadership strategies, children’s stories, poems, creative thoughts or interesting ideas that you want to convert into a book. Or you have almost finished writing the manuscript for your first book. Now let us guide you to getting your paperback book printed in small volumes or in bulk, and ready for your audience to buy, read and enjoy!

We will take your simple manuscript and create quality perfect bound books produced, printed and finished to exacting standards.

At the first stage, we will discuss your specific needs and tailor what we do to your bespoke requirements. We will discuss rates and production costs with you during initial conversations, but we always aim to be as competitive as possible, ensuring that you have a good profit margin at your point of sales.

Jubilee Publications and Compass Publishing

training 1

Jubilee Publications was established over 20 years ago in 1998 and later teamed up with Compass Publishing. With the combined experience of two publishing houses, we are able to offer the highest quality of service and printed books.

Our mission is to move all potential authors ‘from pondering to publishing’ by helping you get your book 'out of your head and into print'. We do this by offering a bespoke service, taking your raw manuscript and developing it into a quality printed text.

So take this opportunity to get started on taking your idea or written work forward.

Getting your first book published

The basic book publishing service we offer includes the following features:

  • An indepth conversation about your concept
  • Editing and designing directly from a Word document
  • Discussing and working with you throughout the process
  • Supply of ISBN with bar code
  • Wire bound sample proof copies
  • Printing as any copies as you require
  • Delivery on completion to any UK address

While there are a number of steps in the process of getting your book published, we will do the vast majority of the work, but come back to you time and gain, asking for you to clarify, correct or add information.

10 steps to get a book published 10 steps to get a book published Read our Ten steps to getting your book published

Published Books for Sale

We have published books for authors from various walks of life and professional backgrounds. For instance, Rev Ilyas Mughal (‘One Gospel’) is the pastor of a thriving Asian church in London, Fredrick Juma (‘A Winning Character’) is a teacher in a comprehensive secondary school and Thadeus Matemba (‘Understanding Prostate Cancer’) is a nurse within the NHS.

Book 5

Jubilee Publication Books by Dr Femi Olowo

Most books are £10.00 (price list available on request)

  • Understanding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the Book of Revelation
  • Healing is the Children’s Bread: A Biblical Analysis of Healing Principles and Methods
  • Why Some Are Not Healed: A Theological Analysis of Lack of Healing in the Church
  • The Truth about Deliverance: A Biblical Understanding of Deliverance in the Church Today
  • Passing Through, Volume 1: The Problem of Evil and Suffering
  • Passing Through, Volume 2: The Enigma of Christian Suffering
  • Passing Through, Volume 3: The Persecution of the Church
  • Lord, Teach Us To Pray, Volume 1: A Guide to Beginning Prayer and Christian Devotion
  • Lord, Teach Us To Pray, Volume 2: A Guide to Intermediate Prayer and Intercession
  • Christians and Money, Volume 1: Money and Practical Financial Management for Christians (co-authored with David Frederick)
  • Christians and Money, Volume 2: A Balanced Exposé on Giving, Tithing and the Prosperity Gospel (co-authored with David Frederick)
  • Understanding the Endtimes

Jubilee Publication Books by Other Authors

  • One Gospel: A Merged Edition of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (English) by Reverend Ilyas Mughal
  • One Gospel: A Merged Edition of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (Urdu) by Reverend Ilyas Mughal
  • A Winning Character: How to Develop Unshakeable Character for Guaranteed Success in Life by Fredrick O Juma
  • Understanding Prostate Cancer: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment Options and Prevention by Thadeus Matemba

To get started with your first book, for book purchases or any other enquiry, please contact us.