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Ordination and Charity Registration

Ordination of Pastors

Global Christian Institute offers ordination and ministerial credentials to pastors and ministers who are genuinely called into the ministry and are able to prove their calling. While we believe God calls His servants into any area of the five-fold (Eph 4:11), we believe that our assignment is to focus solely on the ordination of pastors of local churches.

Process: Once a potential ordinand is satisfied that they are genuinely called into ministry and have met the character qualifications set out in Scriptures, such as 1 Timothy 3, you should contact us to request full details and an application form.

Probation: There is a probation period for all applicants or ministers. During the probation period, there will be a number of meetings between you and your supervisor, normally for update and mentoring. There will be a number of visits to your church or ministry, some of which will be impromptu.

Once all the stipulated requirements have been met, ordination will take place normally in the applicants own church or ministry base.

Contact us for the full Ordination brochure and application form, or to have an initial meeting.

Church Charity Registration

Our Team: We have registered charities for many churches, Christian ministries and charitable organisations over the years. Our team has extensive experience and can provide specialist advice in charity formation tailored to churches and Christian organisations.

Our Service: The reason we are one of the market leaders for providing a quality service in this area is due to our knowledge and experience in this constantly evolving field. In handling the process for you, we make it as simple as possible, unravelling all the technical and legal jargon on your behalf and providing a quick turnaround.

Guidance: For those concerned about the challenges of the process of becoming a registered charity, we ensure that your charity adopts the right structure for future growth, while providing advice and support throughout the process. Our team provides specialist training for church and charity trustees regarding often-neglected key aspects of their role. We also offer informative guidance on what happens post-registration.

We offer two options for those who need our charity formation service, are as follows:

Option 1 – Single Consultancy (one hour): We give you detailed information and advice within one session on all that you need to know about how to go about registering your church, ministry or organisation. If you wish to proceed, you need to contact us to arrange an appointment.

Option 2 – Registration Service (3 months): We actively take on the responsibility of registering your charity for you. This will normally be done over a 3-month period. Note however that the Charity Commission may take a little longer to respond to each application based on their own time procedures, workload and backlogs. But this option gives you full peace of mind as we handle all aspects and legalities.

If you wish to enquire or proceed, do contact us for details and fees.